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Tall Dark And Hammerd

About Tall Dark And Hammerd

Over the years Winnipeg has had a reputation as a breeding ground for producing outstanding musicians. Which isn't so hard to believe considering that the winters are long, cold, and unforgiving. One of the only ways to make it through was to steal a bottle of cheap whiskey, brave the elements to find the nearest drummers basement, get bent and play some music. Once again this trend holds true with the arrival of Tall, Dark, and Hammerd.

Pierced, tattooed, and alcohol fueled, these are the men your mother warned you about. TDH harkens back to the day when the bands were larger than life, untouchable, and even god-like if you will. Their presence on stage commands you to get on your feet, raise your fist and join the party. The five-piece collection of hooligans play a dynamic, cutting edge brand of rock and roll. Guitar driven hooks with a rhythm section so solid it would take a jackhammer to uncouple them and a singer with a reckless swagger no woman can resist. These guys push the c* rock bus past any previously existing boundaries and let it all hang out for the world to see.

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Boyz Of Noize

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