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REVIEW OF DRUE'S AMBIENT FIXTURES BY ZEITGEIST: Well the artist name suggested country music, the album title suggested new age flim flam. So, in the absence of any press bumph, I was not expecting a sophisticated set of melodic, contemporary adult rock.... Sometimes you just wonder why certain musicians don't get the breaks they so richly deserve. Maybe there is something in that whole karma thing after all. Because, based on this,Drue Nelson should have swooped into the whole Nickelback / Bon Jovi market, scooped it up, and wandered off with a few platinum discs and a trophy wife. Yes, a few of the songs aren't quite the finished article, but there are enough gems here to keep you happy with "No Excuse" top of the list. It's a crying shame that more folks haven't heard this. Don't make that mistake. Check out this vein of gold while it's still undiscovered.

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Takes My Breath Away

Takes My Breath Away

category:  Musical
Musical Genre:  Pop
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