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About Seriously

Growing up in Diamond Bar, California, a suburb of Los Angeles, the four rambunctious members of Seriously grew up in the epicenter of an international cross-section of cultures. They grew up around pan-Asian strip malls juxtaposed against mainstream suburbian malls, listening to Asian pop songs and American rock and r&b, and britpop-influenced bands like Radiohead and Coldplay. And their songs are all about relationships. In fact, hanging out with these guys for just a few hours easily reveals the level of importance that relationships have on the four members' lives. Seriously sings about their struggles in all kinds of relationships. Seriously's music is melancholy-hued but is in the end, clearly optimistic. "Our songs are about the desire to belong, to be accepted," says bassist / songwriter, Joshua Baek. The moments of wisdom and raw honesty peppered throughout their songs is revealing of their youthful sense of idealism and hope.

Having met at a local Asian church, the four guys came to form the band Seriously only to compete in the most celebrated Asian American talent show in Los Angeles, Kollaboration. Clearly the crowd favorite and judged as the Best Musical Act by the panel of Asian American celebrity judges, Seriously won the grand prize winning an offer to record with producer / composer Woody Pak and his Artist Development company, Chaos Theory Music.

Three of the four members of Seriously, are 19 years old, the fourth member just 22. The members of Seriously have experienced a whirlwind of changes in having a musical career alongside their already packed lives as college students. A friend, Alex Park, was recruited by their producers to document their journey into the drama and experience of establishing a music career, the series of which has been released on youtube, myspace and the band's website.

Seriously's producer Woody Pak expresses his hope for the band citing their strong work ethic and grounded personalities. "We really believe that they can be the next Asian American, maybe the first all- Asian American rock band that really can hit the mainstream".

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